From the age of eight, Michael Patrick Maness has been drawing or writing something for somebody. From limited edition posters to album covers for "Warner Brothers," and "BNA" records, for over 30 years he has been in the business of art, advertising, and marketing. Michael has contributed stories and illustrations to regional and national magazines and has also worked for many Fortune 500 companies.

Since 1997 Michael has battled Lymphoma and Bone Marrow cancer. In 1999, underwent a "stem cell transplant," which is an alternative treatment to a "bone marrow transplant." He is currently undergoing therapy to keep his cancer in remission. His struggle with cancer and the subsequent side effects made it impossible to continue his career in commercial art and marketing. However, because of his cancer, Michael has been reborn. He has discovered a new love, a new profession, and has rediscovered a long dormant talent for painting. Michael’s unique style and iridescent colors are indicative of a new passion for life and a unique interpretation of his surroundings.

Michael’s brush with death has given him a new attitude and perspective on life. He states "I see the world from a different angle than most people. Instead of a constantly changing world, a crowd doing the expected; I paint the individual and focus on the individual’s spirit to tell a story." 

"I used to view the world in black and white. Now because of the changes in my life, I see the world through a kaleidoscope. I see the hues that make-up a color. I choose a subject to paint based on the mood I can create with my pallet. I try to pick a story to paint, rather than a moment passing through time.

In June of 2005 Mike, at his Cancer Doctors suggestion, began a band-aid treatment of Rituxcian Chemotherapy to keep in check his reoccurring Lymphoma. Usually he bounces back with in days of a chemo treatment, this time he kept getting worse. In the last days of July it became bad, and Mike was scared. He was admitted into the hospital. Four days later during a pulmonary exam his pulse crashed, he woke-up in ICU, then a few days in cardio-care and finally in Early August home. The diagnosis: Congestive Heart Failure. A month later Katrina Destroyed New Orleans. He had 15 paintings in the 940 Gallery in the French Quarter that are now floating in down some levee in Louisiana. To cap off 2005 was Hurricane Wilma. Just months before Michael had established a gallery to sell prints of Costa Maya Mexico to passengers of Cruise ships. The purpose was to build a small school-house for the residents of the tiny town. The Yucatan Peninsula had a rough time that year. The tiny town of Costa Maya was brushed by no less than 4 tropical storms and sat on by Wilma. Mike lost a gallery, and a few thousand prints. The good news is a foundation was set for the school before Wilma took aim.

Mike is bouncing back again, another 22 pounds lighter, healthier, sober, and happy to say; painting again. 

2006 marked a fantasy for Mike, his first published song with acclaimed song writer/producer Doug Johnson, "If He hadn’t Died", a song about Mike’s experience with living and dying. He was also named the Official Artist for the Blues Music Awards. 

2007 re-introduced Michael back to the World of marketing. He was still painting and raising money for now over 80 charities. In October in 3 days Mike’s collaboration ( 2 canvases and a painted Les Paul Donated by Gibson Guitars), with Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Steve Cropper raised in donations $38,000.

2008 In April Mike visited the Dominican Republic with the ICHF as research for a Book He’s writing on the ICHF and their mission trips. Mike witnessed his first open heart surgery. Mike also had a surreal moment in Miami with Members of the Barcardi Family. As the year progressed the World became afraid, the stock markets tumbled, and the selling of art, and the donations to charities bottomed out. November brought a BIG Art Show in Jackson, TN. Where Mike cool-aborated with Music Icons for his SONGS series, he had the Pleasure of working with Steve Cropper, Darryl Worley, Montgomery Gentry, The Oak Ridge Boys, Randy Owen, and Doug Johnson. Unfortunately, even though 2 items were sold, the display was a failure. December was spent feverishly painting more art for his next show in January of 2009.

2009 was a trying year, Mike’s MOM had a massive stroke on May 7. Mike had to overcome his slight problems in order to take care of his Mother. In October, renowned Interior Designer, Diane Gordon asked Mike to display his ART during the Memphis River ART’s festival on South Main. After a successful event Diane invited him to be a staple in her shop, and she began promoting that the Michael P. Maness gallery was located at 431 South Main, inside See the Difference Interiors. 

Soon after Memphis TV station WMC channel 5 did a story on Mike, and Diane’s Store.

2010 began with a Bang. Mr. Maness won 2 awards. Locally the Orpheum named him a Memphis Hero, along with 5 other notables; Dr. Benjamin Hooks, Dr. Scott Morris, Susan Sanford, Jack Tucker, and Charlie Vegos. Then a week later the International Blues Foundation gave him the coveted Keeping the Blues Alive award. Both were touching ceremonies. January 11, his MOM had another stroke, in the midst on Knee Replacement Surgery, the stroke through her and Mike for a loop. The recovery process will be long.

In May, Mike joined Forces with the National Song Writers Association. Mike’s Songs the Series concept he had in 2007, was going to the Big Time. Along with Song writing great Danny Wells,. Mike’s ART was to be hung inside the Historic Nashville Blue Bird Lounge, and Sold in Auctions across the USA.

In September, Diane and Mike presented a Fund, and Food raiser for the Memphis Food Bank. Main Street shouted FOOD, in every Merchant’s Window.. 

Through October, and November, life, and ART just trickled along But in December, the NSAI in Nashville set up an press event for Mike and some legendary Songwriters, which could be Mike’s biggest hope for his legacy. Also in December, Mike’s MOM had a heart attack,…adding a rain storm to the holidays. 

Michael Patrick Maness lives in Southaven, MS. He has had several one man shows thought out the South. At present Mr. Maness’s goal is arranging art show’s to raise money for charities all across the world. 

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The Philosophy of the Paintings

Contrast and color have always been staples of my life. I look at the world from a different angle than most people do. I see a different perspective, instead of a constant changing world, a crowd doing the expected; I draw the individual and focus on the individual spirit to tell a story.

I used to see the world in black and white, not a contrast of right and wrong, not in popular culture, but in light and shadow. Now because of changes in my life I see the world through a kaleidoscope. I see the colors that make-up a color. I choose a subject to paint based on the mood I can create with my acrylic pallet. I try to pick a story to paint rather than a moment passing through time. I hope that as a person views my work they feel a story, one that has a beginning, character development, a problem to solve, and a happy ending. I hope to show through my use of color and tone that happy ending.

Michael P. Maness

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